Our Turkish Towels are ideal for yachting!

Our Turkish Towels are ideal for yachting!

One of my passions is boating, yachting in particular. Many a week has been spent idyllically cruising the Whitsundays, finding the perfect mooring for the night and settling in. Time for an afternoon swim or snorkel, a fish, evening drinks and a BBQ.

Along with a good pair of polarised sunnies (which Palama also sell), a must have item for any boating trip is a Turkish towel. Everything about boating says Turkish towels. Boats have limited storage space, limited washing facilities, limited drying options and typically involve you getting wet, whether by choice or otherwise. Turkish towels need little space, are best washed in a small amount of cold water and are best dried in a stiff breeze. The traditional terry beach towel on the other hand takes up 5 times the space and is an ordeal to wash and dry. The mouldy smell of damp terry beach towels is happily a thing of the past once you’ve made the leap to Turkish towels.  Not to mention they look cool too.

The other advantage of having a Turkish towel on your yacht as opposed to the traditional terry towels is if you decide to moor at a nice secluded beach. After a visit to the shore and when it’s time to head back to the yacht, a quick shake of the Turkish towel will leave all the sand on the beach and not in the dinghy, ready to be transferred to the yacht. Unlike the traditional terry towels, Turkish towels are sand repellent.

Palama’s towels also make a great picnic blanket, table cloth, wrap for a chilly evening or blanket for those muggy nights.

A definite must have for any boating trip!