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Discover the various uses of our Turkish towels

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Discover the various uses of our Turkish towels

Did you know that our quality Turkish towels are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways? Here are the top 30 uses...

  • Beach towel - quick drying, absorbent and sand repellent
  • More and more people are using Turkish towels in the bathroom. No more waiting for the thick terry towel to dry. Turkish towels are not only soft and absorbent but dry quickly too. Great if you have guests staying over as your washing time is halved!
  • Great to use as a pashmina or scarf
  • Use as a throw on the sofa or bed
  • Fantastic as a picnic blanket
  • Makes a great, colourful table cloth
  • Travel blanket on an airplane as is compact and light weight
  • Can be used as a pram or stroller cover to protect your little ones from the sun
  • Use as a baby swaddle blanket
  • Nursing cover for privacy when breastfeeding
  • Great sail boat towels
  • Yoga mat cover
  • Gym towel
  • Camping towel
  • Great as a sarong
  • Tie at neck to create a dress
  • Use as a head scarf when travelling to certain countries
  • Pet blanket
  • Wall art or tapestry
  • Tie at waste for an apron
  • Makeshift sling
  • Roll up for a travel/neck pillow
  • Patio chair blanket
  • Hair towel
  • Chair or sofa cover
  • Seat cover in a plane, bus or car
  • Tie all 4 corners of your towel to make a sling bag
  • Great when drying your dog as easy to wash and quick drying
  • Privacy screen in youth hostels, simply hang over bunk beds
  • Use as a door screen