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Our quality products are some of the finest available and understand that you may change your mind for whatever reason. You can rest assured that as long as you return the item in the original packaging and pay for the return postage that Palama will give you a full refund - no questions asked. 
If you would like to exchange your Palama item for another, simply post your item back in it's original packaging and as long as you pay for the new item's postage then we are happy to exchange your item. It is that simple.
If you have not followed the washing instructions provided with your Turkish towel and you have shrunk your towel due to washing in hot water or drying in a drier, then the warranty is void.
If your sunglasses ever have an issue due to a manufacturing defect or a problem that has occurred during normal usage, we offer a 100 day full replacement at absolutely no cost to you. Alternatively you may prefer a refund.
To enable us to provide such a strong warranty program, we may require pictures of and/or the actual sunglasses to review and approve a new pair. We also reserve the right to deny any request for warranty coverage or to recommend a different course of action if necessary to remedy the situation.
There are no limits as to how many times a pair can be replaced under this warranty because we want to make any craftsmanship issue right and keep our customers happy.